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Criminal defense

Criminal defense is the core activity of the criminal lawyerAlexandre-M. BRAUN defends clients who have been accused, at all stages of the proceedings (police custody, investigation, appearance before a court of judgment such as the criminal court or the criminal court).

The lawyer defines and implements a defense strategy, in agreement with his client. He searches for possible procedural nullities, and prepares the hearing so that the rights and interests of the accused are respected. He tries to get his client off the hook (dismissal of the case, acquittal, acquittal…) when possible. In the event of a conviction, he endeavors to implement the means of defense tending to an application of the penal law taking into account the exculpatory elements emerging from the file as well as the personality of the accused.

Criminal defense lawyer


An extension of the investigation, the pre-trial phase gathers evidence and prepares for trial.. The victim has rights, answers questions, and can make requests for investigation, so that he or she can truly be a player.


Criminal Court

The Correctional Court is competent to judge offenders. Victims can be represented as civil parties in order to participate in the debates, make their voices heard and assert their rights.


Assize Court

The criminal court is competent to judge the authors of crimes. A criminal trial is always solemn. Certainly, the personality of the accused, and the facts of which he is suspected, is central. But the judicial truth often emerges from his confrontation with the victims..


Court of appeal

The defendant, the plaintiff and the prosecutor can appeal a first instance judgment. The case is then referred to the Court of Appeal, a court before which it is essential to present a technical and legal argument.


Criminal mediation

Criminal mediation, as well as other alternative measures to prosecution, are to be preferred when they ensure the protection of everyone’s rights.


Guilty Plea

Appearance on prior recognition of guilt is the French plea of guilty. This procedure only applies in certain specific cases.


Pre-trial detention

Pre-trial detention is a measure aimed at incarcerating an individual suspected of having committed a crime or an offense in a prison before a judgment is handed down.


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