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Criminal business law

Criminal business lawyer« Business is business », wrote Octave Mirbeau.


What is Business Criminal Law?

Le Business criminal law law is made up of the rules of law concerning the offenses that may occur in business life, and also all the economic rules that may be penalized.

This recent branch of criminal law presents important specificities, but remains subject to the major fundamental principles governing general criminal law. Among these particularities are, for example, the limitation periods for public action, which benefit from a specific regime, or the sometimes unclear delimitation of the boundaries of certain offenses..


In terms of business criminal law , the offense of corruption (active and passive),bankruptcy, counterfeiting, fraud (simple or aggravated) or favoritism are the most frequent offenses that economic actors may face.


Company directors and managers: civil and criminal liability

Business life is marked by an inflation of criminal law, or penalization. Entire areas of economic activity are marked, for the manager and the company, by the risk of criminal charges and convictions. It is therefore important for managers to be aware that their civil and criminal responsibilities may be engaged for offenses committed in the context of their function as company managers.


In addition to the political-financial cases reported by the media, theactors of daily economic life are now confronted with criminal law.


Why call on a business criminal law lawyer?

Alexandre-M. BRAUN, with his dominant activity in criminal law, but also with his experience as a corporate lawyer (in Singapore, within the South-East Asia headquarters of a French company listed on the CAC 40) advises and assists his clients for all their needs in criminal business law :

  • Risk assessment,
  • Preparation of executives for police custody,
  • Setting up a defense strategy,
  • Advice to victims.

As a business criminal law attorney, he intervenes at all all stages of the proceedings : preparation and filing of complaints, assistance in police custody, investigation, pleading before the criminal court and the court of appeal.


In the field of business criminal law, the offenses are numerous and varied. The law firm of Alexandre-M. BRAUN’s office has pleaded numerous cases in this field, in particular for offenses of misuse of corporate assets, corruption, fraud, illegal practice of the banking profession, bankruptcy, concealed work, misleading advertising, etc …


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